Working with Lauren Forest for our sales copy was a total dream. She helped us really distill the essence of what we offer into very specific and actionable sales pages that convert.

I decided to hire Lauren because I knew that sitting down to write sales page copy would take me away from other revenue generating activities in my business. With her on my side, I was able to release two brand new products with great response without pulling my hair out or sacrificing on the quality of the product or marketing.

The results speak for themselves: we reached and surpassed each of our sales goals for the two products we launched with Lauren’s help, and most exciting of all the sales keep on coming…

On just one product we had a 10X return on investment from Lauren’s copywriting process (in just 2 months), and she was really invested in the success of our product from start to finish.

If you’re looking for someone who will really dig deep into what your ideal customers want, and how to best describe the benefits of your product or service, then working with Lauren is a no brainer!

(SideNote – These are the successful projects Nathalie’s referring to: Popup Ally Pro, and Heartquarters Insider.)

Nathalie Lussier, Digital Strategist


Our team loves working with Lauren. Before we had a full-time staff person for this, Lauren was our go-to gal for multiple editing projects.

Her work helped us offer great course content to our customers. If you have a chance to work with her, definitely take advantage of it.

Laura Roeder, Founder – LKR Social Media


Have you ever met someone who could verbalize the exact feeling you want your readers to get when they read your message? Have you ever had someone “get” you and your business on a deeper level than you thought possible?

Lauren took my bare bones module list for Fearless Launching and skillfully pulled off a sales page that was endearing and perfectly expressed what I wanted people to know about the program. Not only did she approach the work with heart and dedication, but she was vigilant in making sure everything on the page worked – and proactively made suggestions throughout the launch of the program.

If you want someone to care about your work almost as much as you do, hire Lauren.
Anne Samoilov, Creator – Fearless Launching


This is hard to write because I have SO many wonderful things to say about Lauren. Where to begin is sort of what comes to mind… In addition to her insanely stellar writing skills, one of my favorite things about working with Lauren is how INCREDIBLY supported I felt throughout the entire process. I felt like she cared about my project just as much as I did.

I was floored with the amount of research she did to ‘get inside’ the product, including doing one of my workouts. How amazing is that! She wanted to have a visceral experience of my Shrink Session Workout program so she could write about it like it was her own. This is what you call a pro.

Her passion, kindness, excitement and joy for what she does is felt in every word she writes and speaks.

Launches can be super stressful and it is so important to have a team of people who you can not only count on, but who you also feel are lifting you up along the way. Lauren’s presence, perfectionism, and love do all that and more. I am truly honored to collaborate with her and inspired by the way she works.

Erin Stutland, Creator – Shrink Session Workout


Great copywriting is essential to a stellar online presence. In addition to design and photography it allows you to reach out to your audience and draw them in.

My experience with Lauren is that she really listens to her client, and is a supportive and enthusiastic team member in the creation process. Her attention to detail and generosity of time is rare. For all these reasons, I would wholeheartedly recommend Lauren to anyone looking to enhance their personal branding or online presence.

Natasha Lakoš, Creative Director & Graphic Designer


My book was an Amazon #1 best seller for four weeks in a row, and was a #1 “Hot New Release” for over a month. Without the support of Lauren Forest, I don’t know if I would attempt to let my writing see the light of day.

Like so many people with a message to share with the world, I lack the skills needed to communicate well with the written word. I can only bring my ideas so far on my own. Fortunately, I can move forward with confidence knowing that my work is in good hands and will shine after Lauren adds her touch of perfection to my ideas.

Derek Olsen, Author – The Four Week Financial Turnaround


When you work with Lauren Forest, your website, sales pages, course descriptions go from being good to being extraordinary. I highly recommend her if you need your online presence to sing!

*Catherine Just


Working with Lauren was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a copywriter. Lauren wrote all the emails for the launch of my class Smart Women Love Money. The launch was a success and my class completely filled. She even participated in one of my free teleclasses to get to know my material. I will definitely continue to work with her. She is top notch!

Sherold Barr


Lauren has an incredible ability to transform my ideas and notes into a finished product. I have worked with her on an ebook and I know that she will find a way to express my ideas much more elegantly than I ever could.

No matter how many times I read my own work (and who has time for that anyway?!) I just don’t see the mistakes that she manages to spot immediately. She’s highly professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Cathy Presland


You are such a gem!! You are a word enchanter! You have this amazing ability to put plain words into the most beautiful tapestry. I am in awe!

THANK YOU once again for a marvelous job!!

Natasha Vorompiova, “The Systems Chick”