Scheduling & Payment Terms


Work is done on a pre-paid basis.

Although individual projects vary, please see below for general payment terms.


For projects under $15,000:

• A 50% deposit is required to reserve a place on the production schedule.

• The balance is due when the project begins.

• Small projects under $1500 require full pre-payment, rather than 50% deposit.


For projects over $15,000:

• A deposit of 1/3 is required to make a reservation on the production schedule.

• Depending on the start date of your project, a second payment may or may not be applicable.

• The final 1/3 is due when the project begins.


For consulting packages or projects on monthly retainer:

• The “start date” for consulting or retainer packages can be any day of the month.

• A “month-long” engagement is measured as a “calendar month.”

• Work begins after payment has been received.

Projects can be paid using credit or debit cards, PayPal Business Invoicing, or direct wire transfer.

Refund Policy

Project deposits are not refundable. Here’s why…

When I reserve a place on my production schedule, I make a commitment to you, your project, and your deadlines. After you’ve made your reservation, there is a strong possibility that another client may ask for my help during that same time frame. If their project needs to meet a specific deadline, and that deadline conflicts with your reserved time on the schedule, then I have to turn down the work. In other words, it costs money every time I’m unable to help a client with a project.

Your Next Step

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