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Lauren Forest - WordPerfectionist Copywriting

Lauren Forest – WordPerfectionist Copywriting


Have You Heard of the Internet?

I’ve been helping clients connect with their customers, make more sales, and grow their online businesses since the early days of the web.

I started over 20 years ago in a time when I often began conversations with, “Are you familiar with the Internet?

(Hint: Usually the answer was, “No. What’s that?”)

I bring my professional experience and formal training in business, economics, marketing, and writing. I combine all of this with a well-designed research and discovery process that informs the writing process.

By approaching projects from this perspective, I’ve been able to help clients accomplish (or surpass) their sales goals, serve and empower their customers, and expand their businesses as they make meaningful contributions to their families and society.

I’d be honored to help do the same for you.


My Personal Side

If you’d like to meet my more personal side, read the story on my website, LaurenForest.com.

That little website is a work in progress because I spend most of my writing time helping others grow their businesses, launch their programs, and make more money.

Know in advance you’ll land on a completely different website – different branding, different tone, different personality. But if you’re reading this far, it’s the personal side of me I think you might be interested in getting to know.

I usually advise clients to not do this. I urge them to do their best to keep readers “on” their websites.

But it merits making an exception when it’s right for the story and for the reader.

It’s important for you to see this other side of me because it demonstrates the level of emotional depth, insight, sincerity, and commitment I’ll bring to your project.

If you like what you read, I hope to see you again soon.