“It amazes me how businesspeople will drop thousands of dollars on Web or print design and hesitate to spend half as much on great copy. Pictures and design enhance your message, but jeez folks …the writing IS your message!”

~Ali Brown

What Holds Your Business Together?

Business relationships, customer education, and purchase decisions are stitched together by one single thing:


In other words, the copywriting.

Communication is the bridge that connects what you’re offering with what your clients are looking for.

Effective communication takes readers or viewers through a voluntary learning process that helps them make a decision about whether or not to make a purchase.

So how do we figure out what potential clients need to learn before they make a confident decision?

By following a well-designed research and discovery process that points the way.

As your copywriter, I do my own research and analysis of your product, market, target customer, and other relevant factors.

I use a four-part Research & Discovery model that I’ve fine tuned over many years…

My Discovery process takes an in-depth look at your ideal clients, the market context they’re exposed to at this moment in time, the other alternative products or services they may have to choose from, your product itself, along with unique aspects of your own personal business mission.

Some might think of this as “Avatar” development. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

In order to truly connect and communicate well, it’s essential to understand your ideal client in context…

Understand what’s going on for her both internally and externally in the world around her…

In other words, psychologically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and in terms of the roles and relationships she cares about most.

My Discovery process can be (admittedly) intense, because of the richness and quantity of information and insights revealed.

But the discoveries are also the reward for investing the time and energy to complete the process.

In fact, the process is the key ingredient that makes it possible to listen deeply to your potential clients, understand their emotional context, and begin to hear and speak their language.

I use this deeper level of insight and knowledge – along with proven copywriting techniques – to develop your effective messaging and communication plan.

This Research and Discovery phase must come first…

Because it’s really the foundation of honest, sincere, and meaningful communication.

The follow-up steps are, of course, to develop a content plan then write the copy. (For example your sales page, launch series, autoresponder series, landing page(s), training videos, sales videos, etc.)

Valuable Communication = Yes. Arm-twisting = No.

Using this research-driven approach means you get a custom-tailored campaign that is developed for your unique project and for your unique customers…

The end result is based on a deep, research-driven understanding of your particular market, audience, and product or service at this unique point in time.

This process is empowering for customers and effective for business owners, because it leads to honest and valuable business communication, rather than hype, manipulation, or other forms of coercive arm-twisting.

Over the years I’ve found that by using this process, we’re doing everything possible to provide meaningful, useful communication designed to be in service to your readers while it yields a high return on your investment.**

Likewise, my clients have found that projects based on this unique research-driven process can lead to higher open rates, click-through rates, and sales conversion rates because projects based on this approach reflect the true character and value of what’s being offered.

Which means my clients have also found that ultimately this research-driven process can help them serve more satisfied customers, grow their businesses, and make more profits.

Satisfied customers, success through meaningful contribution, and money in the bank…

Deep breath…happy sigh…Ahhhh…perfection!

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** Please note this is not a guarantee of results. Like all investments, there is potential risk involved. Thorough due diligence is recommended before making this (or any) business investment.