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Video Sales Letter Workshop

Create your high-converting, money-making video sales letter in just 30 days.

This one time introductory time-limited special offer for the Video Sales Letter Workshop includes:

Core Training Schedule:

Week 1

Module 1:  Research and Preparation

By the end of Week 1 you’ll have the important groundwork
for your success, including…

  • The cornerstone of creating meaningful connections with your customers. Get this process right and you’ll have done the work that most of your competitors either forget about or dismiss as being “marketing fluff.”

  • Chris’ “Telepathic” method of getting into the head of your ideal customer…digging up their “secret” wants, needs and desires and crafting an offer they simply can’t

  • How to come up with the “Big Promise” and “Big Idea” behind your sales video.

  • How to connect so powerfully with your customer that they can’t help but watch your video, listen to your sales message, and buy your stuff. (Ever start watching a sales video and immediately “tune out” because it didn’t hold your interest? Use this simple process and that will never happen to you.)

Get these steps right and you’ll know your ideal customer inside-out. You’ll have the “roadmap” of a high converting sales video.

Plus….learn this insider key to success:

The “No Product, No Problem” Secret used by top marketers . . . Don’t have a product yet? You may actually have an ADVANTAGE!  Chris will walk you through his process for “discovering” products that almost sell themselves while crafting your sales message.


Week 2

Modules 2, 3, and 4: Irresistible Offers, Your Selling Story, and Teaching Prospects to Be Your Customer

By the end of Week 2 you’ll feel like you have the “keys to the kingdom” when you learn…

  • How to construct an “air tight,” irresistible offer that tickles the “desire centers” of your customer’s brain and makes pulling out their wallet and grabbing your product the only logical choice.

  • What Works Online NOW (And what doesn’t) . . . Why the “thud factor” in online marketing is dead and the exact elements necessary for a killer, high converting online offer.

  • Putting together strategic bonuses and how to skyrocket the value of your product and make buying a “no brainer” – even if you think you don’t have any “good bonuses” now.

  • How to position and “drop” your price in your sales video for maximum selling power.  A pricing strategy so powerful your customers will feel like they’re getting such a good deal, they could be taking advantage of you…Maybe even “ripping you off” by giving you their money.

And that’s just the “Offer” module!

In Modules 3 and 4 you’ll also learn…

  • The step-by-step method for writing sales STORIES that will grab and then KEEP your customer’s attention.  And not just for the first 30 seconds of your video,  but for the ENTIRE VIDEO.   In other words, you’ll be able to keep your customers “glued to their seats” for 20 to 25 minutes.  (There are Hollywood people who wish they could do this!)
  • Once your customers are watching, you’ll learn how to use “emotional transference” to actually CREATE emotions in your viewers’ minds…emotions so powerful your customers will think buying your product was their idea!
  • How to literally teach prospects to become your customer.  This technique is such a “ninja” sales technique it will literally have your customers convincing themselves they need your product.

Week 3

Modules 5 and 6: Creating Your Script, and Bringing it All Together

By the end of Week 3, you’ll have your FULL sales video script prepped, organized, and ready for production, including…

  • The 3 “Never Fail” Sales Video Openings.  These openings are so magnetically powerful they can rivet a customer’s attention to the computer and practically “force” them to watch your video all the way through.

  • Sales Video Bullets. . . how they differ from bullets in traditional sales letters, and how to use “multi dimensional” bullets to make your prospects experience the results of your product – even while they’re sitting in their chair.

  • The 3-step formula to close the sale. . . How to use scarcity, desire and logic to seal the deal with your customer AND the devastating “crossroads close” formula that makes  your prospects feel like they’ve fallen off the side of a ship and you’re the one person with the life raft.

Week 4

Module 7: Producing Your Video

This is where we teach the easier-than-you-realize “nuts and bolts” of video production.  By the end of week 4 you’ll have your video completed and ready for the world.  In this section you’ll learn…

  • How to produce your video using the computer equipment you already have, including the one piece of software you probably already have that will do most of the “grunt work” of your production.
  • Exactly which editing software to use … and… especially… how to use it.
  • Why “slick” videos actually UNDERPERFORM compared to simple sales letter videos online…and how to use Keynote or Powerpoint to create a “hypnotic” sales video deck.
  • Secrets of recording and editing your sales video for both Mac and PC. Not a “techy?” Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through every step of the production process so you’ll be able to put your whole video together in an afternoon – even if you’ve never even touched video software before. It really is that easy!  (After this module you’ll be better at this “online video stuff” than some folks who call themselves “experts.”)
  • How to upload your videos online . . . where to host your videos. . how big your videos should be . . . what aspect ratios to use and all the rest of the “easier than you realized” details of getting your video up online.

Plus…you’ll get: 

Proven sales video template pages . . . Not a web designer? No problem. We’ll flat out GIVE you tested and proven sales video web pages and backgrounds you can “plug and play” to have  your video up and converting ASAP.

AND…the course materials KEEP GOING, even AFTER you’ve produced your first Video Sales Letter.

Module 8: Traffic

In this module you’ll learn key strategies to drive traffic to your new video sales letter, including…

  • The principles of building your traffic and your list using a proven, straightforward system.  That’s right, we’re not talking about “luck” here, we’re talking about building your web site traffic and customer base systematically and
  • Advertising methods that FEWER than 1 out of 100 marketers know about. Imagine being THE ONE out of 100 entrepreneurs who can strategically and COST EFFECTIVELY position their on-line advertising for maximum return on investment.
  • What you really need to know about article marketing so you can get more traffic, get more customers, make more sales, and enhance your brand.

So here’s our promise to you:

If you go through all four weekly modules and do your homework you WILL have a complete sales video up, online and even MAKING SALES in just 30 short days from when we start the course.

How can we make this promise? Because we’ve done it before! We offered this course back in November of 2010 and were blown away by the quality of work and CONVERSIONS of our students’ videos.

Heck, one student had a video up and MAKING SALES just after the first week and EVERY student who stuck to the program and did the work had their video live and online by the end of the course.

So here’s the “Awesome Ingredient” that can make all the difference…

We support you through the process!

One of the key strengths of this workshop is the top-quality, densely-packed resource material.  All designed to take you step-by-step through the writing and video production process.

The course resources include…

Weekly Small Group LIVE Coaching Calls
– Every week, Chris and/or Lou will personally answer your most important questions about any part of the training modules for that week. These will be small group coaching calls, each one at least 90 minutes long.

High Quality HD Video of Training and Coaching Presentations.
Available in streaming online, or to download and play on your desktop, iPod or favorite portable player.

High Quality MP3 Audio Recordings of Training and Coaching Presentations.
You’ll get recordings of EVERY video and call (PLUS all of the calls from our last class of graduates) so you can review the material while in the car, out jogging or anywhere you’ve got a pair of headphones.

Transcripts Of Training Presentations.

FULL Transcripts Of Training Presentations available in PDF format for online viewing and formatted for easy printing so you can read at your own pace.

Action Guides and Checklists.

Chris developed this action guides to make sure the core material really “sinks in” to your brain, and to make it as simple as possible for you to take action and get your video done. Theory is all well and good, but our number one goal is for you to get your video up and making money as quickly as possible.

Lifetime Access.
No need to rush to download all the workshop materials. You have lifetime access for as long as the member area is online.(Should we have to take the content offline, we’ll give you plenty of advance notice so you can download everything).


Order Today To Also Receive These Limited Time Bonuses:

Personal-1-on-1 “Lightning” Consulting with Chris And Lou.

OK, this is a “conditional” bonus, but it’s incredibly valuable and a great motivator. Go through the course, do the homework. If you finish your video by the end of the course you’ll get a full 15-minute “Lightning” Consulting with Chris and Lou where we’ll “dissect” your video, give you pointers on how to amp up the selling power and answer any question you’ve got.

if you’re voted the “best” video of your class (by your peers who also finish their videos) you’ll earn a full hour on the phone with Chris…normally priced at $2,000.00


Dave Kaminski’s FULL “Screencaster Pro” Training.

Plain and simple this the best and easiest to “get” Screencast training available anywhere today. As a VSLW student, you’ll get full access to Dave’s tips, tricks and secrets of Screenflow and  camtasia videos that convert like crazy absolutely free (sold every day for $500 and a steal at


Special Bonus #3: Custom Designed Website and Blog Templates.

Designed by our own Dan Ramsey to Lou and Chris’ specifications, you have unlimited use license for these simple, beautiful and proven-to-convert templates.

Chris’ Notorious “Launch Offers That Crush” Presentation From Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula” Event.

Many in attendance raved about how this was the absolute best presentation at Jeff Walker’s exclusive Product Launch Formula event in the fall of 2010. You’ll get exclusive access to the content-packed 90-minute presentation PLUS Chris’ personal slide deck he used on stage.


How to Look Professional And Powerful On Video.

Renowned, Emmy award winning journalist Cathy McDevitt shares her hard-won tips and secrets for looking professional, believable and authoritative on video. LISTEN the great thing about sales videos is you do NOT have to appear on camera for them to work incredibly well . . . BUT the internet has become a VIDEO MEDIUM and if you don’t learn how to “walk the talk” on camera, you’re shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to making it online. Cathy will show you how to exude unstoppable confidence on camera that RIVETS viewers to your content and compels them to action.

Lifetime Reattend Privilege

That’s right – we want you to come back to our next workshop, and the next one, and the one after that — as long as we keep doing them, you get to keep coming back. Oh, and this isn’t just content updates — you can participate in the laser coaching and contest and be eligible to win Chris’ one-on-one consultation each time.


Act Now To Secure Your Spot On The Workshop And Learn The Proven System and Strategies for Creating Video Sales Letter That Convert Like Crazy.

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