More Money in YOUR Bank Account


Every time I raise my rates, my clients make more money.

They experience better and more satisfying results, whatever that specifically means for them.


Because charging a premium price means their projects are the center of attention.

Charging a premium price means I’m able to give each project the perfect amount of time, energy, research, thought, careful planning, and strategizing needed to deliver premium results.

If you’re looking for cute and clever words to fill a space, then I’m not your gal.

But if you’re looking for someone to:

  • Invest time and patience doing deep discovery work – getting to know you, your market, your product, and your target customer as if they were her own…

  • Commit to delivering a premium result – knowing that every word counts, every phrase makes a difference, and every sentence means the chance to tip the scale in your favor…

  • Take a long-term interest in your success – asking to see your email statistics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates so I can make sure we’re on target to reach your goals…

  • Use her experience and formal training in business, economics, marketing, and writing – blending it into a high-powered mix of results-getting content and strategy…

Then we might be a perfect match.

I work with just a few clients per month so I stay 110% immersed in providing the best, most comprehensive value possible. Premium results – whatever that means to you.

If you’d like to discuss working together, send me a direct email.

Let me know your project, your timeframe, and what premium results would look like for you and your business.

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